Knowing where is an organisation is at now - for Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts. Baselines and intentions …?

#regeneration #sustainability #values#businesses measuring sustainability sustainability planning sustainable development Mar 08, 2024

Shifting the focus from talking about Sustainability concepts to sharing Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts from baseline data and actions: Do you know what your organisation is doing now? What are your organisation's baselines and intentions? Is this documented, shared and up to date?  

  • Being  proactive with planning and measuring your organisation's Sustainability and ESG approach, progress and impacts 
  • Integrated & transformational across organisational ESG dimensions – Environment, Social, Governance
  • Aligned with values, holistic, regenerative & contributing
  • Managing for Climate Change – carbon, water, energy, soil, waste & communities
  • Promoting resilience, biodiversity, risk mitigation
  • Inclusive of stakeholder values, diversity & equity
  • Measuring impacts on staff well-being, customers, suppliers & their contribution
  • Focused on impact for sustainability, regeneration, degrowth, feedback and adaptation.

This week's learning in supporting people and organisations is that lots of talk can be confusing. Once you start documenting your current Sustainability and ESG approach and available baseline data,  you may be surprised at how much you are doing already. You can identify gaps, and focus your budget and actions.