Sustainability Pathway Programme

Proactively and practically

Plan, Measure and Report 

Sustainability and ESG 

(Environmental Social Governance) 

Progress and Impacts Credibly

Join the Specialist Pathway Programme with three advisory sessions and a four-week online Sustainability Foundation Course to credibly plan, measure and report your Sustainability, Climate Action and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Progress and Impacts. 

Dates: 2024 Sustainability Pathway Programme Groups  

starting Wednesday 10 April and 12 June

with four live webinar workshops

Wednesdays  1-2 pm NZST

and a second group webinar time will be confirmed

Once registered, you will be invited to your first advisory session 
(limited places per Programme)

The Sustainability Pathway Programme includes:

  • Online course resources, 10 templates and 4 live webinars
  • Flexible advisory support and specialist inputs (3 sessions)¬†
  • ISD Community Membership - access to recent resources
  • Private discussion group with advisory support

 SUSTAIN+ Pathway Programme and Capability Outcomes

  1. Use a transparent and credible good practice SUSTAIN+: Values to Impact Measurement Approach and Methodology that can be shared and verified
  2. Collaborate authentically with stakeholders using evaluative questions on what ‚Äėgood‚Äô looks like and what is needed
  3. Develop an integrated Sustainability and ESG Organisational Impact Model and Pathway with monthly activities using three phases: (i) Reflect and Plan, (ii) Act and Measure, (ii) Assess, Report and Adapt
  4. Use practical good practice measurement tools (quantitative and qualitative) to baseline and measure key ESG dimension material areas, progress and impacts
  5. Collate key Sustainability and ESG progress and impact data, and unintended impacts
  6. Assess Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts
  7. Credibly report progress and impacts using evidence, and adapt. 

 Certificates are awarded on Programme completion 

Choose your Sustainability Programme pricing option. 

$495 NZD monthly (4 months) or one-payment $1950 NZD
Register HERE for the Specialist Sustainability Pathway Programme

On-Demand Foundation Course

Measure your Sustainability and ESG Progress and Impacts Credibly

 Ensure you have credible 2023 sustainability progress and impacts to share

and set your 2024 strategic goals and actions!

Learn these essential  ESG non-financial skills to be a credible sustainability-focused proactive organisation.

Go at your own pace.

Benefits from this course: 

  • You will learn and use credible sustainability and ESG planning, measurement, and reporting enabling authentic collaboration with your stakeholders.
  • You will use a 3-phase: plan, measure & report approach and templates to update your progress 6-monthly and annually.
  • You can proactively share your sustainability progress and impact tools and evidence with your customers, staff, suppliers, and banks.¬†¬†
  • Practically plan, measure, and report your sustainability progress and impacts credibly using good practice tools and templates with support from advisory webinars.¬†

Join the weekly Q&A sessions, Thursdays 1 - 2 pm NZ ST 

Share your credible Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts with stakeholders, which can be verified, and adapted.  

To enrol, Click the link below. Price $495 NZD

Course and resources are available immediately 

This course includes:

  1. Downloadable workbook
  2. Advisory webinar videos with slides
  3. Eight downloadable templates: Plan, measure, and report
  4. Resources to read
  5. Great practice examples
  6. Weekly Q&A sessions with advisory support
  7. Group discussion forum
  8. ISD Community Pathway Membership - 3 months

We look forward to seeing you in the weekly online Q&A advisory sessions - Thursdays 1 - 2 pm   NZDT

Start the On-Demand Foundation Course HERE

Complimentary Consultation Session 

Book a 30-minute consultation 

with Dr Kate Averill, a  Sustainability Strategy & Evaluation Specialist

Collaboratively discuss your Sustainability challenges, opportunities, requirements and goals. 

Book a time HERE
KaikŇćura course¬† participant¬†

We learned the importance of telling our story well. Being able to back up that story that is being told and the importance of going on this journey collectively

Tourism provider course participant 

Liked the one-page reporting template – can go on our website

Course participants

The webinars were engaging ... The course motivated us to look at our organisation’s values and actions