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Be part of an active and engaged community

committed to contributing to transforming sustainability and regeneration

in global and local environments and communities 

About: The ISD SUSTAIN+ Pathway and Community supports proactive and credible Sustainability and ESG planning, measuring and reporting of progress and impacts, annually and 6 monthly.  Progress from the ISD Community  Level through the Sustainability Pathway Programme to the  ISD SUSTAIN+  Pathway and Community. 


  • A motivated and supportive community and network¬†
  • Proactive,¬† bimonthly Masterclasses, learning and updates¬†
  • Opportunities to share and contribute

Be part of a proactive Sustainability and ESG Progress and 

Collective Impact Group sharing,  learning and adapting


Thinking Globally, Acting Locally! 

ISD Community level

Free Membership


  • Participation in the bimonthly¬†Sustainability and ESG Masterclass¬†¬†Series¬†includes 2 masterclasses¬† over 1 week and two templates (Baseline Assessment and Value Chain)¬†

  • Access to resources, monthly updates and a discussion group¬†¬†ISD Sustainability and ESG Masterclass Series¬† Group

  • Build your Sustainability and ESG knowledge, skills and capability¬†
  • Keep up with rapidly changing Sustainability and ESG contexts and Climate Action requirements¬†
  • Practically undertake a Sustainability and ESG Baseline Assessment
  • Then gain skills and capability in the¬†Sustainability and ESG Pathway Programme (SSP). Then progress on to¬†the SUSTAIN+¬†Pathway, Advisory & Community

Sustain+Pathway & Advisory Support

$495 /m NZD


  • Advisory Support¬†to collaboratively and credibly plan, measure and report 6 monthly and annual Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts at a credible and auditable level.
  • This membership option is for people and organisations that require specialist inputs to undertake their 6 monthly and annual Sustainability, Climate Action and ESG progress measuring and impact reporting at a credible and auditable level. Includes:

    • Access to resources, updates, videos and discussions through the ISD Community Platform
    • Monthly advisory webinars and Q&A¬†¬†topics: Updating impact model, Collaboration with stakeholders, Collecting credible data, aligning with different reporting requirements,¬†¬†open session webinars and specialist topics on request. These webinars will be recorded and available in the ISD Pathway Community resources.
    • Online Discussion Group¬†available¬† with any participants within the ISD Community Platform,¬†
    • Weekly Q&A¬† Sessions, Thursdays 1- 2 pm NZ DT¬†- with wider ISD Capability Groups participating¬†
    • Themes Groups: Wine, Tourism, and others on request
    • Group and individual coaching sessions:¬†Monthly sessions with review, feedback and discussion.
    • ESG software options available on request: include set-up, specialist support and advisory.
    • Additional 'Green Team' Advisory Inputs Module and ESG Software monthly/quarterly subscriptions available.
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