Knowing where is an organisation is at now - for Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts. Baselines and intentions …? Mar 08, 2024

Shifting the focus from talking about Sustainability concepts to sharing Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts from baseline data and actions: Do you know what your organisation is doing now? What are your organisation's baselines and intentions? Is this documented, shared and up to date?  

  • Being  proactive with planning and measuring your organisation's Sustainability and ESG approach, progress and impacts 
  • Integrated & transformational across organisational ESG dimensions – Environment, Social, Governance
  • Aligned with values, holistic, regenerative & contributing
  • Managing for Climate Change...
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Integrating Sustainability and ESG dimensions as a strategic planning, measuring and reporting framework Feb 06, 2024

How an integrated impact model with ESG dimensions can help strategically plan, measure and report sustainability and ESG progress and impacts.

  • An impact model is a useful framework for planning and measuring sustainability initiatives, as it allows organizations to map their activities to intended outputs, outcomes and impacts. Including an impact model in reporting and communications is a proactive way to share your organisation's inputs, actions, progress and impacts.

  • Impact models help identify key activities and interventions that contribute to sustainability goals—for example, reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste,...

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