$1,950.00 NZD

Sustainability Pathway Programme: Foundation Course with Advisory Support - Option 1 one payment

Suitable for people and organisations getting underway or proactively evolving their sustainability goals and actions.

Gain practical experience in credible Sustainability and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) planning, measuring, and reporting of progress and impacts using evidence.

Outcomes - Over four weeks and with three advisory support sessions within 90 days,  you will: 

  1. Practically integrate and evolve your Sustainability and ESG planning by developing an impact model (linking goals, impacts, key indicators, and activities).
  2. Document your value chain and complete a baseline assessment including material ('big rock') areas and key impacts.
  3. Measure Sustainability and ESG progress, outputs, outcomes and impacts using relevant data (quantitative and qualitative) using existing and additional data sources.
  4. Develop a credible one-page Sustainability and ESG progress and impact report to share with stakeholders using data,  that can be verified, and updated. 
  5. Evolve a pathway for ongoing 6-monthly and annual Sustainability and ESG planning, measuring and reporting.

Sustainability Pathway Programme price:  NZD 1950 includes online course resources, templates, live webinars, ISD Community Pathway Membership and flexible advisory support (up to three sessions) within 90 days.