Sharing Your Sustainability Story Online Courses - new course dates for general, wine and tourism courses Apr 07, 2022

Sharing your sustainability stories 

Join a 4-week online course to plan, measure, report and adapt your sustainability (ESG - Environmental Social Governance) stories using evidence.  Align to industry, national and global sustainability standards.  The course includes resources and weekly advisory webinars. Develop a credible sustainability story to share and adapt.

NEW DATES: for providers, growers, businesses, organizations and communities 

  • Foundation Courses - starting  4 May, 15 June, 14 September, 2 November
  • Tourism sector courses  - starting  2 June 

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Does Aotearoa New Zealand need an integrated well-being and sustainable development country plan? Oct 22, 2021

Aotearoa New Zealand is yet to develop an integrated country plan … 

Collaborative discussions about country planning can lead to more inclusive and transformative approaches, outcomes and impacts. My PhD research found that integrated country and sector planning goes across political terms and supports countries’ short, medium, and longer-term goals and priorities such as inclusive sustainable development. These integrated plans are published in countries covering 80% of the world’s population (Chimhowu, Hulme & Munro, 2019). Aotearoa New Zealand is in the 20% of countries that do not yet have...

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