Ensure you have credible 2022 sustainability progress and impacts to share and set your 2023 strategic goals and actions! Nov 01, 2022

Measuring Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts credibly: Foundation Course and follow-up coaching support (over 90 days)

- starting Wednesday 9 November NZ ST 1 pm2022. 

Register by Monday 7th November 

Be a proactive sustainability-focused organisation and leader in your industry! 

  • Suitable if you are getting started or want to practically extend your sustainability planning, measurement and reporting knowledge and skills to meet growing stakeholder information needs and requirements?
  • Join a four-week online course with two months of coaching support with online resources, discussions, templates...
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Using ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) dimensions to evolve transformative sustainability changes and actions Oct 24, 2022

Watch a NEW on-demand webinar HERE to find out more ...  expand your capability.

How to plan, measure and report Sustainability and ESG progress and impacts credibly: Eight good practice features to use.

Thinking globally, acting locally ...

Need or want to practically extend your sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)  knowledge and skills, evolve a practical sustainability pathway for your business or organisation, and measure and report your progress and impacts credibly?

Next Foundation Course starts Wednesday 2nd November NZ ST 1 pm 2022

Join this four-week online course with...

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