From Values to Impact: Integrating Sustainability with ESG Dimensions for Transformation Jun 26, 2023

I often get asked by people from businesses and organisations how to align to different Sustainability reporting requirements. Here are eight emerging good practice features: I suggest that first businesses and organisations (1) reflect on their values, and (2) engage stakeholders to share what 'good looks like' for Sustainability and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) progress and impacts. This enables (3) including different perspectives and values, and (4) key Sustainability concepts to emerge.  Then (5) key material areas within each ESG dimension can be identified and (6) theories of change and action used to evolve key...

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Practically underpinning sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) approaches with values, principles and key concepts in Aotearoa New Zealand:  An emerging regional sustainability and climate action collaboration Mar 01, 2023

Recently we had our first Climate Action Week here in  Marlborough, Aotearoa New Zealand with visits to vineyards & wineries, seafood, forestry & sawmilling businesses. We appreciated the open, informative visits and reflective discussions on progress, challenges, and learning about transforming to more sustainable practices and impacts. Over 50 businesses and organisations participated and over 150 people were involved. Visits were made to Dog Point Vineyard, Sanford Seafood, Yealands Estate Winery, and One Forty-One Kaituna Sawmill.

Key learnings: Efforts and progress are being made and examples included waste...

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